Topic Video: Key Strategies for Whole System Reform – Framework

Whole system reform involves ALL schools in the system, district, province/state and country getting better.

This video briefly touches on many of the solutions outlined in All Systems Go: The Change Imperative for Whole System Reform in which Fullan identifies a comprehensive action plan for educational leaders to build collective capacity and strip away distractors so they can move an entire system forward.

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Topic Video: The Push & Pull Factor

A good leader has high expectations and high expectations for the system but this can’t be imposed — you need buy in. The push part is to make sure the high expectation is there; the pull part of leadership combines intrinsic motivation and people wanting to work together with a high moral imperative and a path to get there.

If you combine push & pull you can accomplish a lot in a short period of time.

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Topic Video: Learning is the Work

It may seem strange to say that professional development—educators going to workshops and conferences, and taking courses—bears little relationship to classroom and school improvement. Similarly teachers toiling away as individuals do not add up to school or system success. What really counts is what happens ‘in between workshops’ or what Fullan calls learning is the work.

To learn more, view this short video and read the Learning is the Work PDF below.

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The Learning Partnership – Champions of Public Education

On May 28, The Learning Partnership honoured The Right Honourable Paul Martin and Dr. Michael Fullan during its 17th annual Champions of Public Education Toronto Tribute Dinner at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

As The Learning Partnership’s primary annual fundraiser, this event brought together more than 700 business, education and government leaders, and influencers to celebrate these two outstanding leaders and their exceptional commitment to advance publicly funded education in Canada.




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Topic Video: Whole System Success

Based on research in All Systems Go, this short video stresses the importance of focusing on the learning outcomes. This requires coordinated leadership at the school, community, district and government level. Michael discusses schools and districts he has worked with that have used the ideas in this book and what their success rates are.

All Systems Go examines:

  • Successful reform initiatives in the United States and abroad
  • Actions and conditions that have ensured traction and sustainability
  • Ways to avoid common errors in action,

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Topic Video: Using Data

In this short video, Michael emphasizes the importance of making causal links between action and outcomes using data. Actions, when backed up by evidence, become the standard; and when data are precise, presented in a non-judgmental way, considered by peers, and used for improvement as well as for external accountability, they serve to balance pressure and support.


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Topic Video: Framework for Whole System Change

To raise the bar and close the gap for students means improving ALL schools in the system—not just a few. Piecemeal or small-scale reform doesn’t work. What does work is focusing on the three core components of deep learning: learning & teaching, change knowledge, and the culture of learning. Using the whole system change strategies in this framework, we have found that we can get great results in a reasonably short period of time.

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Topic Video: Capacity Building

At William G. Davis Senior Public School, when the idea of BYOB came up, principal Andrea Meyer gave every teacher an iPod and said ‘Have fun!’. He knew that capacity building requires skill, knowledge and motivation. View this video to see how teachers teamed up and reached out to each other in a brilliant fashion to develop the strategies they needed to reach their goals.

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Topic Video: Focus

In this video filmed at Park Manor Public School in Ontario, Vice Principal Liz Anderson describes the importance of focusing on the student. The Accelerated Learning Framework, developed at Park Manor to provide clarity about what learning needs to be, uses pedagogy as the driver and digital to accelerate learning.

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