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Carnegie Forum: Online Q&A

Getting Serious About Capacity Building

Michael Fullan, Laura Schwalm, and Santiago Rincón-Gallardo
April 2, 2020

Like so many others we went virtual for the Carnegie Forum in our April 2, 75-minute session on “Getting Serious about Capacity Building”. There was a great turnout and we received some really positive feedback. A few targeted questions emerged which we respond to publicly in this note.

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Nuance Book Review by Garth Nichols

Garth Nichols’ review of Nuance puts into perspective how well suited Michael Fullan’s writing is even in these times of disruption and uncertainty. Leadership is as important now as it ever was and this book offers key concepts and characteristics of what ‘Nuanced Leaders’ need to know to make a difference.

Garth Nichols
Cohort 21 Member Blog
April 2, 2020

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Leading in a Culture of Change 2nd Edition

Message from Michael

The first edition of Leading in a Culture of Change (LCC) was published in 2001. It was the first book that I wrote for education and business leaders alike. Several readers contacted me and said that the book made them realize how much they had failed to appreciate culture as foundational.

Now, 20 years later I re-wrote all of the chapters and updated them with the latest research, including that of our own.  

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Going Deeper – ASCD

Going Deeper:
What today’s teens need most from schools is learning that fosters engagement and connection. That may mean changing everything.

Teens are disengaged in school and need learning environments that foster engagement, connection, and a greater sense of purpose. The most important change required in education is cultural. Are high schools doing enough to help students engage with meaningful challenges?

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Michael Fullan
Mag Gardner
Max Drummy

Educational Leadership
May 2019,

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A Unity of Purpose: NAESP Annual Conference, Spokane

Michael Fullan explains why and how educators should set up students to do well in school and in life.

A Unity of Purpose and Action

By Matt Scott
July 2019, Volume 42, Issue 1

Michael Fullan addressing attendees at NAESP’s annual conference. Photo courtesy of Lifetouch®.

During the Pre-K–8 Principals Conference in Spokane, Washington, keynote speaker Michael Fullan highlighted his latest research on deep learning and revealed an inspiring message on how students and teachers respond best if they are focusing on global competencies.

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California’s Golden Opportunity: Learning is the Work

For the past six years California has been diligently pursuing statewide success in student achievement. They are now poised to go the distance. With a new governor and new state superintendent and an agenda to build on. Read our new report: “California’s Golden Opportunity: Learning is the Work” and see the Six Key Recommendations for success. Watch for one of the most exciting system change possibilities in US education!

We would appreciate your feedback on the report.

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Our Increasingly Troubled World Creates an Engaging Opportunity for Students

Education Week Blog
By Peter DeWitt
April 28, 2019


Today’s guest blog, Part Two of two blogs, is written by Michael Fullan, an international expert on leadership and school systems. 

We know that the world is becoming increasingly troubled because of climate change, unclear and diminished job markets, growing inequity, increased anxiety and stress, wild and unpredictable technology, deterioration of trust, and crumbling social cohesion. This has had an incredible impact on education because in many ways this all plays out in our schools.

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