World Innovation Summer in Education (WISE)

Education Reimagined: Leadership for a New Era

Michael Fullan is presenting a major new framework at the World Innovation Summit in Education (WISE) today. Geared to cultivate hope and action precisely at the  time the world needs it.
Key Themes:
  1. Changemaker Leadership for a New Era: What do education leaders need to know in light of the uncertainty brought about by multiple, concurrent global pandemics, including public health crises, systemic social injustice, economic inequality and climate change, to be “future-literate” or lead the future of learning? What are the building blocks of “future-literate” leadership and how does that translate to different cultures and contexts
  2. Leading to Bridge the Equity Chasm: Schools and systems will ultimately be judged on how they reach the most vulnerable learners and COVID-19 was a stark reminder of how deep the global equity divide is. What is the role of school leaders in narrowing the education equity gap at local, national and international levels? Are there frameworks that already exist that can form the foundations of sustainable change as we enter forward in this new era?
  3. Amplifying Next Generation Voices in Leading Learning: A key agenda item for WISE’s educational leadership global community of practice – The Agile Leaders of Learning Innovation Network (ALL-IN) – is expanding and diversifying the conversation – including the literature – on school leadership to include more voices from underserved, developing and non-OECD countries and contexts to inform more contextually relevant leadership policies and frameworks. How can we amplify a greater diversity of voices and evidence in the leadership space? How can we ensure greater diversity and equity in the field as a whole?
Fullan Education Re-Imagined_WISE March 2-compressed

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