The Right Drivers for Whole System Success

In a brief conversation, Anthony Mackay and Michael Fullan, Global Leadership Director of New Pedagogies for Deep Learning and a worldwide authority on educational reform, discuss Fullan’s recently released paper, The Right Drivers for Whole System Success.

February 2021

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Fullan CSE Leading Education Series-01-2021R2-compressed

See also and NPDL.


One thought on “The Right Drivers for Whole System Success

  1. A good systems analysis of where we are and signposts of a journey.

    But…getting schools unstuck from being prisoners of the past needs a viable template, a systematic/phonetic/ paradigmatic approach to research and critical reflection. Vertical tutoring offers such a template and autopoiesis and transformative learning a means.
    Hopeful, the deep learning team will appreciate how schools can change themselves and their minds. Kurt Lewin and Mezirow and Laloux teach us about unfreezing and the need to raise organisational consciousness. The wisdom of Fullan provides such a platform but the leap requires risk and courage from school leaders something we have removed through misdirection of values…

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