One thought on “The Battle of the Century

  1. Thank you so much for this article. I am a teacher and have chosen to work in schools in a lower socio-economic demographic. I am the product of a broken poverty cycle, so my focus is on trying to find ways to bridge gaps and open up opportunities for the kids who are struggling to “succeed” in our system.

    Pre-pandemic, I spent the majority of my time working with kids or planning to work with them. In my “free” time, I had been working to convince our school board to let me implement some of my ideas to increase equity and give more kids the time and attention that some of them desperately need. Aside from being permitted to run extra-curricular activities and school-wide initiatives in my own time, I have not been successful at convincing them. I have found it increasingly difficult to continue to be a part of a system in which I don’t believe.

    Throughout the pandemic, I’ve become even more disheartened with how our vulnerable students are left behind. Hitting walls at the school board inspired me to start a blog – if for no other reason than to give my ideas and observations an alternative space to live. The blog led me to join Twitter, which led me to incredible sources of motivation and useful information – your work, for example.

    This is perhaps a long-winded note to say “thank you,” but I am grateful indeed. The front-lines can be cold and dystopian to an empath. Knowing that great minds are speaking so clearly and eloquently about wellness and equity validates my effort and gives me hope and energy to keep trying to make positive changes.

    Take care,

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