Michael Fullan and Joanne Quinn Refine Their Method and Expand Their Reach: System Coherence and Deep Learning

Michael Fullan and Joanne Quinn lead New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (deep-learning.global) and are worldwide authorities on educational reform. That is why their recent visit as guests of the BYU–Public School Partnership drew many attendees from each school district. In a daylong event, they electrified the room, presenting research-backed approaches to help schools transform learning and bring success to every student.

Fullan and Quinn’s approach—aligning vision across districts, making schools relevant and engaging in a changing world, and empowering states, districts, and schools to do what they do best in education—has been years in the making in terms of research and modelling. Schools across the globe have adopted Fullan-Quinn’s methods, which continue to adapt to changing world conditions in practical, realistic ways that deepen learning and improve outcomes for all students. Fullan and Quinn graciously shared this article with McKay Today.

David O. McKay School of Education
Brigham Young University
July 09, 2020

20_BYU Mckay School of Education System Coherence and Deep Learning Fullan and Quinn


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