A Rich Seam: How New Pedagogies Find Deep Learning

Authors: Michael Fullan and Maria Langworthy

Michael Fullan and Sir Michael Barber, chief education advisor to Pearson, former head of McKinsey’s Global Education Practice and UK government advisor, will lead the launch of A Rich Seam at Pearson’s London office on September 22nd. The speakers will unveil the findings of the report to a selected audience of educationists, academics, policy advisors and media commentators, before leading a live Q&A, which will be live-streamed to a global audience.

The report by Michael Fullan and Maria Langworthy is the first in a new series of publications published by Pearson. It addresses the challenges encountered when trying to implement new pedagogies on a large scale as well as providing examples of changes happening in classrooms, in schools and across a few education systems.

This publication describes a rich seam of insight into how education systems are beginning to change. The “new pedagogies” are not just instructional strategies – they are powerful models of teaching and learning, enabled and accelerated by increasingly pervasive digital tools and resources and support deep learning at all levels of the education system. “Deep learning” develops the learning, creating and ‘doing’ dispositions that youth need to thrive now and in their futures.

See more on Deep Learning at https://deep-learning.global/

A Video Series With the Support of Pearson

With the support of Pearson, and as part of A Rich Seam: How New Pedagogies Find Deep Learning, Michael Fullan produced a series of videos which can be viewed under the ‘Video’ tab of this website or accessed through YouTube. These videos are what Fullan calls ‘Motion Leadership in Action.

Video 1: Central Peel Secondary School: Filmed at Central Peel Secondary School, Michael Fullan captures principal Lawrence DeMaeyer, classroom teachers, and students to reveal how Central Peel Secondary School is getting such great results.

Video 2: Park Manor Public School: Principal James Bond, classroom teachers, and students are interviewed by Michael Fullan. This videos explains the results of Park Manor and their Accelerated Learning Framework.

Video 3: William G. Davis Sr. Public School – In this short video, Michael works with William G. Davis Sr. Public School and principal Andreas Meyer, classroom teachers, and students to capture their digital journey.

You can click to download the pdf: A Rich Seam.

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  1. Great work Michael – I would like to add one more emerging force to your list of three – Understanding how the brain learns and how that informs best practice. A brief overview here: on the emerging model and the FREE download of the book here: – Mark Treadwell

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