Topic Video: Push & Pull: The Role of Technology

School boredom has no chance against the addictive digital draw of the outside world. Within schools, technology is conspicuous by its absence or by its superficial, ad hoc use. Stratosphere wants to change that. How can technology help us by opening up the world to deeply engaged learning and worldwide, collaborative problem-solving? In a word, technology, well used, can help us race rapidly to a future that humankind wants and will find fulfilling.  (Stratosphere, 2013, p. 14)

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One thought on “Topic Video: Push & Pull: The Role of Technology

  1. The role of technology in the push and pull strategy, allows instructors to use technology as a digital component that accelerates learning. Student buy-in comes through the pedagogy. In my experience, a great launching pad into this strategy is providing students the opportunity to become involved with world issues, such as children’s rights & human rights. The passion that these topics ignite is a flame that continually fuels a push/ pull relationship- accelerated by digital.

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