2 thoughts on “Topic Video: The Moral Imperative Realized

  1. I think moral imperative should be the baseline for teaching. Each year should start with developing that. It will be more successful for the teachers and in the long run, the students. I liked the ending quote about it shouldn’t just be a vision, but a reality. How would you suggest starting to have the conversation about moral imperative in a school that has never had that discussion before?
    Thank you for being such an inspiration motivator in educational leadership Dr. Fullan!

  2. Dr. Fullan
    In a leadership class we were working on defining our moral imperative as educators and leaders. I found the introspection of this exercise to be very enlightening and motivating factor in forming my leadership philosophy.

    If we are to make a difference in the lives of students by creating a reality of success that goes far beyond the time we spend with them, where do we start in guiding our students to define their own moral imperative? Is doing so an effective way of enabling teenage students to focus on making the most of their education?

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