Australia Workshop Tour: Maximizing Leadership for Change

Workshop Title:  Maximizing Leadership for Change

Summary:  Powerful push and pull factors are forcing current education systems to dramatically change, and are placing radically new demands on leaders at all levels. The push factors are boredom of students, alienation of teachers, and relentless expectations and accountability from the public for greater performance. The pull factors are new learning modes that are intrinsic to the human condition (intrinsically meaningful learning, and working with others), and the allure of the digital world.

The work Michael and his team are doing now is dynamically plugged into these new developments. In these workshops participants will access the latest ideas through an interactive workbook, original video examples of leadership in action, and the new book, The Principal: Maximizing Impact Jossey-Bass, in press.

This workshop in short will focus on the new developments that bring learning and leadership together in fundamentally new ways that makes the job of leadership more demanding, but infinitely more exciting. There are four main modules.

Module 1: Fundamentals of Great Leadership

Participants will complete an instrument that assesses Seven Critical Competencies of Effective Leaders. This will be coupled with a presentation that identifies the essence of new leadership that places leaders in the position of helping to orchestrate organic change processes that map onto to how people (students and adults alike) learn best.

Module 2: Maximizing Impact

Based on the new book, The Principal, this module examines the key distinction between leading ‘instruction’ and leading ‘the professional capital’ of teachers. Examples of this difference will be examined both through case studies and video vignettes. In all cases, examples will include evidence of impact on student and teacher engagement and achievement.

Module 3: The Leader as System Player

Recent improvement efforts examine the whole system: school, regional and state/Federal levels. All leaders now need to relate to their own role, and to their relationship to other parts of the system. Strategies and examples of what this looks like in practice will form the basis of this module.

Module 4: The Leader and Technology

The fusing of new pedagogies (students and teachers as learning partners), and innovative technologies is creating new learning environments that as we said in the book Stratosphere figuratively if not literally ‘doubles the learning at half the price’. There are new learning modes that are spreading like wildfire. We will examine what these look like, and identify what it means for leaders at all levels. The implications for learning and corresponding leadership represent a profound shift in both learning and leadership.

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  1. I’m Ph.D candidate in Curriculum. I live in IRAN. Next week I ‘ll have presentation about Prof.Michael Fullan’s Biography and his opinion in education.I’m going to know about his individual manners in life and your biography. Pls, help me in this process as soon as possible

    I should appreciate hearing from you on the above point as soon as possible.
    Sincerely yours,

    Mahsa Entezami

  2. Leadership Standard Work (Ron Pereira Lean Six Sigma Academy): So, dear readers, I’d like to hear what you think. If you were to ceatre a “Leadership Standard Work” document or process what would it look like?

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