The Challenge of Change

Second Edition

Start School Improvement Now!

With practical insights and critical analysis, this completely revised edition of The Challenge of School Change: A Collection of Articles sheds new light on the widely discussed topic of school change and analyzes the concept of tri-level reform—school, district, and state/national levels working together to build and strengthen capacity to achieve meaningful change.Confronting a complex issue with clarity and thoughtfulness, The Challenge of Change: Start School Improvement Now! shows educators that successful change efforts are possible in any school environment!

Editor Michael Fullan and fellow contributors explore the theories as well as leadership and implementation strategies behind educational reform and address the concerns that have led to the current school change movement.

Designed for principals, superintendents, and school board members, this collection features notable experts, including Richard Elmore, Andy Hargreaves, Elizabeth City, Pedro A. Noguera, Carmel Crévola, Jim Knight, and Ken Leithwood

Published by Corwin Press, 2009

First Edition (The Challenge of School Change)

A Collection of Articles

With practical insights, powerful observations, and critical analysis, this collection makes the widely discussed topic of school change accessible to all readers.