Leading in a Culture of Change, Second Edition

Michael Fullan

The new edition of the best-selling guide for powerful, morally-grounded change leadership in any organization.

Change is an inevitable, essential part of the modern world. Change prevents stagnation, fosters creative solutions, and propels innovation. With change comes challenges: to survive and prosper, organizations need to adapt to shifting market dynamics, volatility in the public arena, disruptions brought on by new technologies, and many more. Leaders need to understand the dynamics of change to cope with the complexities of the change process. Leading in a Culture of Change describes the key dimensions of leadership that are crucial in times of change. This innovative guide helps readers master the five components of change leadership―moral purpose, understanding change, building relationships, creating and sharing knowledge, and creating coherence―and mobilize others to accomplish shared goals in often difficult conditions.

Extensively revised and updated throughout, this market-leading book continues to help leaders from across sectors understand the dynamics of change and navigate the end-to-end change process. The second edition is now thoroughly grounded in the various forms and interpretations of successful change and includes more precise definitions of the core competencies of change, contemporary case studies of their development and practical application, and increased guidance on their effective use through new concrete examples. Combining knowledge from the worlds of education and business, this unique book will help you:

  • Integrate proven, time-tested methods of education reform and the most current insights in leadership and organizational change
  • Develop and implement positive, sustained systematic change strategies in any organization
  • Increase performance, optimize learning, and improve leadership
  • Understand the key principles of leading change through specific, real-world examples
  • Embrace a morally-grounded process of effective organizational change

Leading in a Culture of Change is an indispensable source of information for leaders in business, non-profit, and public sectors seeking to understand, influence, and lead the change process.

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