Change Leader

Learning to Do What Matters Most

Leadership expert Michael Fullan reveals six core practices for today’s leaders in Change Leader. In his previous best-selling books, Michael Fullan examined the concepts and processes of change. Now he turns his focus to the core practices of leadership that are so vital for leading in today’s complex world.

He outlines the six practices – Earn Trust, Fine-Tune Focus, Develop Others, Know Your Impact, Embrace Complexity, and Hope No Matter What – which appear to be deceptively simple but actually get to the essence of what differentiates a powerful leader from one who is merely competent.

Fullan argues that powerful leaders have built bedrocks of credibility, have learned how to identify the few things that matter most, and know how to leverage their skills in ways that benefit their entire organization.

  • Provides a much-needed leadership guide for today’s turbulent climate
  • Written by an internationally acclaimed authority on organizational change
  • Includes illustrative examples from business, education, nonprofit, and government sectors

The author shows leaders how to eschew policies and strategies that focus on shallow and short-term goals and develop leadership skills for long-term success.

Published by Jossey-Bass 2011