The Change Imperative for Deepening District-Wide Reform

Michael Fullan, an internationally recognized expert in large-scale educational change, and Lyn Sharratt, an experienced district administrator who successfully accomplished reform, have teamed up to write this compelling book, Realization. Learn how to move from capacity building to full implementation by empowering colleagues throughout the organization to advance change. Explore:

  • 13 research-based parameters for improving performance
  • A 14th parameter—Realization—that goes beyond local capacity building to systemwide change
  • School-specific strategies that support effective assessment and instruction
  • Insights from real practitioners who have strengthened district-wide school improvement
    programs for all students
  • A pull-out implementation guide on how to deeply implement the parameters through
    four progressive learning stages

Published in 2009 by:
Corwin Press, USA
Ontario Principals’ Council (UTPress), Canada