Learning Places

A Field Guide for Improving the Context of Schooling

Authors Michael Fullan and Clif St. German provide an inspiring approach to school change and staying power for school improvement initiatives.

Organized to make learning contagious throughout the school, this user-friendly guide, Learning Places, helps create a culture of learning that promotes the simultaneous development of students, teachers, and parents — addressing specific ways to maximize study groups, student data, classroom walk-throughs, and more.

The interactive self-assessment protocols focus on:

  • Achieving a sense of purpose
  • Facilitating program coherence
  • Invigorating classroom teaching
  • Supporting the professional development of teachers
  • Developing wider circles of leadership
  • Issuing a call to action for all educational communities, this easy-to-use manual offers a visionary yet grounded approach to revitalize educators and reenergize their efforts for meaningful, lasting reform.

Published by Corwin Press, 2006