Why Helping Humanity Should Be Core to Learning

Education research is showing that students are intergenerational change agents and this concept is captured brilliantly in Michael’s new article published in Moving America Forward and NationSwell.

Michael explores the relationship between ‘push’ and ‘pull’ forces in education and explains how helping clusters and networks of schools to implement deep learning outcomes is building momentum. The article is based on a previous report with Maria Langworthy called, A Rich Seam: How New Pedagogies Find Deep Learning which was published by Pearson in 2014 and Michael’s current work with New Pedagogies for Deep Learning.

To read more: http://nationswell.com/students-help-humanity-core-learning/#ixzz3ugMLc5SI

3 thoughts on “Why Helping Humanity Should Be Core to Learning

  1. Students as change agents really resonated with me. So often we refer to change agents being in a leadership role, but of course we want our students to be leaders, and therefore change agents in order to impact others.

  2. Yes! As a high school teacher, I see parents and society underestimating teenagers too frequently. They are blamed for many problems, but their insights and empathy are often overlooked. If given the opportunity to learn through helping humanity, they will embrace it and run with it and strive to do good! I see this way of teaching and learning being a real positive change in the world (and the world of education!).

  3. Dr. Fullan, I have enjoyed the “6 C’s” that you share within your deeper learning outcomes- it is a strong framework for teachers at every level. I am wondering how you would encourage a teacher or leader to encourage their system to get away from the “traditional school model” that becomes more boring the higher you get. What would be your number one word of advice for a teacher that isn’t encouraged to take risks or is only encouraged to teach in a traditional setting?

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