New Pedagogies for Deep Learning – Melbourne Session, October 29, 2014

New Pedagogies for Deep Learning – a Global Partnership

How can we mobilise and foster new pedagogies for deep learning in schools and leverage the power of digital learning?

Join MC Tony Mackay and Michael Fullan to discuss New Pedagogies for Deep Learning; a global partnership focused on implementing deep learning goals across whole education systems to enable new pedagogies accelerated by technology.

New Pedagogies for Deep Learning engages students across the globe to develop skills to be lifelong learners; creative, connected and collaborative problem solvers who can successfully participate and innovate in our increasingly connected world.

This session is designed for school leaders and teachers who are striving to develop learning experiences that go beyond the surface and identify a framework for deep learning competencies.


This session commences October 29th at 9:30AM and concludes at approximately 11:30AM. Morning tea is provided after the session.

Presented by ACMI and the Department of Education & Early Childhood Development

For more information please contact:

ACMI Education


Phone: (03) 8663 2441

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