Coherence: The Right Drivers in Action for Schools, Districts, and Systems

In this short, pithy video that is just over 3 minutes, Fullan explains the Coherence Framework featured in his new book Coherence (with Joanne Quinn, Corwin, 2016). To get whole system change right we need to focus on all four components in Fullan’s framework.

Fullan & Quinn, Coherence, Cowin, 2016

Coherence Framework Extended


5 thoughts on “Coherence: The Right Drivers in Action for Schools, Districts, and Systems

  1. Dr. Fullan,
    Thank you for your great work. It was nice to connect with you yesterday at the WSRA convention in Milwaukee. In discussions with colleagues around Coherence, I’ve decided to dive into ways to change the culture of the school I’m in by offering a variety of tools to break down walls in order to collaborate. On page 66 you spoke clearly about the need to build trust, to work for shared leadership, sustained focus, and a commitment to group inquiry. I want to work for collaborative examination to become the culture. This is a big switch for my school and a takeaway for me from your text. I will enjoy continuing to explore “Cultivating Collaborative Cultures” and all of the other aspects of Coherence.
    Thank you!
    Kelly MacMartin, Wisconsin Teacher and Collaborator

  2. anyone develop a study guide for this book by chance – for book studies?

  3. Really great and priceless meaningful books to gain more knowledge and understanding better on learning accountability.

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