AACTE to Honor Hargreaves-Fullan Book on ‘Professional Capital’

(Feb. 19, 2014, Washington, D.C.) – The American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) will present its 2014 Outstanding Book Award to Andy Hargreaves, Ph.D., and Michael Fullan, Ph.D., for their monograph Professional Capital: Transforming Teaching in Every School. The award, which recognizes exemplary books that make a significant contribution to the knowledge base of educator preparation or of teaching and learning with implications for educator preparation, will be presented March 3 at AACTE’s 66th Annual Meeting in Indianapolis.

4 thoughts on “AACTE to Honor Hargreaves-Fullan Book on ‘Professional Capital’

  1. , if we’re not able to make those changes (or for thgnis that simply MUST be memorized and that don’t implicitly live in a personally useful context (like, say, multiplication tables or programming or some programming language syntax), then yes — retention strategies would be the best place to focus, and you’ve done a wonderful job with this list.I’d mix in recall strategies as well, though… thgnis like using pictures, speaking it out loud, applying the new knowledge to novel situations, trying to explain it to others, discovering and/or organizing into patterns/chunks, and the importance of situation in recall (e.g. being in the same environment when you need it that you were in when you learned it, etc.)I’d love to hear more, though, including why you consider retention the key vs. retention *and* recall, although I will make a big assumption here that you’re trying give us a *realistic* tool we can wrap our brains around and actually use :)Thanks for this post.

  2. I found this site from a Tweet by Jane Hart today. I am 110% in agreement with your 10 thcneiques, and find that I have been using most of them in my class for several years now, without ever haven taken the time to reflect on exactly what I was doing and how it was working. That changes as of now; and I will begin to spread the gospel amongst my associates. Thank you so much!

  3. Could there be a point no. 11 like a ‘use it or lose it’ comment? (or would it be part of the other 10 ponits? If the content is given alongside a course long project or assignment, then the content can be used, evaluated and applied in the project. It could also give meaning to remembering the content, and therefore help decrease retention loss???

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